TishaBlake_HeadChefLetrecia Blake

Specialty: We have the most incredible steamed seafood platter! It’s piled high with fresh, local shrimp, clams, whole crawfish, snow crab legs, sausage and corn.

In My Kitchen: Everything is made from scratch and we’re always trying something new. But it gets real busy here sometimes; we serve more than 600 dishes a day!

I Can’t Cook Without: My kettles.

How I Got My Start in the Kitchen: I grew up in the kitchen at my grannie’s house and my momma’s been cooking for 32 years. I’ve been alongside them in the kitchen ever since.

My Last Meal Would Be: Completely Southern—smoked turkey wing with oxtail stew, macaroni ’n’ cheese, collard greens and candied yams. Oh, and peach cobbler, of course.